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Guide to Effective Distance Mentoring
Developing and maintaining relationships of all kinds at a distance are becoming more common as media technology enables greater connectivity with individuals and organizations from afar. With this brief guide, we offer some advice to help make distance mentoring effective and manageable for both mentors and mentees who are not able to be in in-person contact regularly.

Mentoring Strategies For 2021: A Discussion With Excellus Blue Cross - Blue Shield
On December 17th, 2020 Mentor Scout hosted a round table, Q&A style discussion on the latest trends in mentoring with Matthew FitzGibbons, program administrator for Excellus' highly successful corporate mentoring program.

Mentoring Stories, Sponsored by Mentor Scout (2018)
Listen to Sue Delfido and Tia Fushimi-Baines discuss their award winning mentorship in this interview moderated by program administrator Amy Hendrickson.

Mentoring Stories, Sponsored by Mentor Scout (2017)
January was National Mentoring Month, so we thought that this would be the perfect time to celebrate our most recent MOY winner. We spoke with Mentor of the Year Alexandria and her mentee Jenisse on a special Podcast to find out what made their mentorship so successful. Listen below to find out how you can make the most of your own mentorship whether you are a mentor, a mentee, or administer a mentoring program.

Tap Into The Power of Mentoring
How to Make Mentoring a Win for Employees, Mentors, and Employers

An interview with Beth N. Carvin, CEO Nobscot Corporation. How to make mentoring a win for employees, mentors, and employers.

How Mentoring Helps Jump Start Second Careers
As the Communications Manager for Mentor Scout, one of my responsibilities is participating on the judging panel for the annual Mentor of the Year award recipient. What I've learned from this process is that mentorships can truly be life-changing events, in which both the mentors and mentees benefit. I've also seen how much a mentorship can help mentees start and thrive in their second careers.

Mentoring, From Both Sides
Judy Novak and Jennifer Allen, a Vice President of Finance and a Program Manager at Xerox, talk about mentoring from both sides.

Tips from Mentor Scout's Mentors of the Year
Mentoring can be a difficult relationship to navigate for both mentors and mentees, but there are several steps that participants can take to ensure that they get the most out of the relationship. Finalists for Mentor Scout's of the Year award recently talked with Nobscot CEO Beth N. Carvin about some things to keep in mind when working on establishing a good mentoring relationship.

How Do We Build Loyalty in New Employees
Dear Help Me Make It Happen: Starting a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience for employees. A new-hire mentoring program can really help ease new employees' fears and provide them with an additional resource to build a strong early connection to your company.

How to Improve Your Life Through Mentoring Programs
If you've been looking for ways to develop further on your career path or simply want to find a way to give back to your organization, joining a mentoring program is a great idea! Mentoring programs, essential components of training and development programs, provide opportunities for shared growth for both mentors and mentees.

Professional Mentorship: A Look into the Xerox Women's Alliance
We all know the value in having a personal mentor and the same holds true for our professional lives. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on now and then, right? Document management company Xerox Corporation would answer yes to that question, and the women at the corporation are offering just that.

"Breaking Up" With Your Mentor
Unlike marriages or other permanent commitments, mentorships are relationships designed to help junior employees establish and achieve career goals, and they do not last forever.

Mentor Scout Announces 2012 Mentor of the Year Award Recipients
Mentor Scout division announced today that four accomplished professionals have been chosen as the winner and honorable mentions of the 2012 Mentor of the Year Award. Samantha Stovall, a Program Manager at UTC Aerospace Systems, has been named the 2012 Mentor of the Year.
Mentor Scout Announces 2012 Mentor of the Year Award Recipients (PR Newswire)

Maximize Mobile Workers' Potential: Mentor Them
Mentoring is great for office-based employees, but it is especially powerful for mobile team members, argues one HR expert. "The biggest misconception is that relationships can not flourish without meeting in-person," says Beth N. Carvin, an expert on mentoring and CEO of Nobscot Corporation.

Do You Have Time to be a Mentor?
Some managers who have squeezed mentoring into their already-packed schedules say they get as much out of it as mentees do.

Breaking Up With a Mentor With Class and Grace
When a relationship has run its course, the end must be handled professionally. Mentorships aren't meant to last forever. Their purpose is to help junior employees establish goals and move forward in their career paths. Here are some tips to ending a mentorship professionally.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Mentor Match
Covance Inc is among the companies using software to help employees and mentors connect. The program Mentor Scout enables pairings based on mutual professional interests.

How Corporate Mentoring Can Work For Your Company
Interview on Mentoring with Beth N. Carvin
Today with technology, HR and learning and development managers can offer both specialty-type mentoring programs such as those for high-potential employees, diversity networks and new hires, plus general mentoring programs so all employees can participate.

How To: Develop a Mentorship Program
Guidance from an effective mentor can be rewarding professionally and personally for both the mentor and mentee. On the professional front alone, one JPMorgan Chase survey of the bank's mentoring program found that 87 percent of protégés reported significant career advancement as a result of the program. But what does it take to create a successful mentorship program - whether one aimed at employees or one aimed at the community?

Automated Mentoring Saves Time, Thousands of Dollars
Human resources professionals at Covance used to spend "hundreds and hundreds of hours of administrative time" manually matching mentees and mentors. By shifting to an automated mentoring system in 2009, Covance (, an international drug development company, achieved annual savings of $113,000 ($377 per participant).

Mentor Scout: for Mentors
Covance Inc. uses Mentor Scout to computerize its mentoring program using online system to match employee mentors, mentees; achieves employee satisfaction, relieves HR burden, and saves 75% over manual method.

The Hows and Whys of Group Mentoring
This paper seeks to examine the methodologies for developing a group mentoring component as an add-on to an existing or new corporate mentoring program.

Mentoring Mistakes: 10 Program Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
The corporate landscape is littered with mentoring programs that have died on the vine. Management fails to rally behind the project. Mentors decline to sign on or don't know how to proceed if they do. Ill matched mentor-mentee relationships evaporate. Program administration becomes overwhelming. Yet all of these problems are avoidable.

Group Mentoring: Keys to Success
Is the increasingly popular strategy of group mentoring right for your organization?

Group Mentoring Support Now Available in Mentor Scout
In a major expansion of its widely adopted Web-based mentor/mentee matching and administration platform for corporate mentoring programs, Mentor Scout today announced the addition of a new suite of tools designed to nurture group mentoring initiatives. The Mentor Scout upgrade features new self-service tools to facilitate mentoring group formation and communication as well as administrator enhancements for group oversight, expanding the spectrum of mentoring activities that can be managed with the software.

Who Needs a Mentor? You Do.
Someone who's been there, done that can offer invaluable insight.

If you're an entrepreneur, it's likely you would benefit from having a mentor, suggests mentoring expert Beth Carvin, president and CEO of HR consulting firm Nobscot Corp.
A successful woman entrepreneur has probably faced some of the obstacles you're encountering. She's learned what worked and what didn't work and can pass her advice along. "Why reinvent the wheel?" Carvin asks.

Work Zone: Mentor can see clearly to help in job search
Most people think of a mentor as someone who helps them in their early 20s, guiding them toward a path that will help their careers.

Finding Anchors in the Storm: Mentors
Without as many opportunities mentoring becomes a more strategic avenue for career development.

The Great Mentor Match
Xerox's Women's Alliance cracks the code on successful mentor programs.

Every large organization faces a challenge in facilitating career development for diversity and affinity groups. Mentoring is a logical strategy, but mentor recruitment and mentor-mentee matching are often too unwieldy and time-consuming for a volunteer effort in a large company.

Mentoring Programs Branching into Focused Tracts
Mentoring programs, once embraced as a general initiative to polish employee performance and boost morale, are now sprouting specialty niches. "Today, we are starting to see multiple mentoring programs for different goals and objectives," said Beth Carvin, CEO of Nobscot Corporation.

Mentorship: Learning from those in the know
Nobscot's Mentor Scout Mentoring Program assists Xerox Women and newcomers to chart career path.

Some Corporate Counsel
A Rising Number Of Newbies Get A Boost Through Mentoring

An ever-growing number of junior employees are getting a similar leg up, through a rising number of corporate programs designed to pair female, minority or gay or lesbian employees with similar mentors. Beth Carvin of Nobscot Corporation, which offers software that allows employees to find a suitable mentor by filling out an online profile, says she's fielding "a huge demand for mentoring programs with midsize and large organizations."

Top Ten HR Products: Mentor Scout Talent Networking Edition
Top Ten HR Products: Mentor Scout Talent Networking Edition uses personal profiles and interactive information exchange as a way to facilitate employee communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing and recognition.
Why We Like It: Kudos to Mentor Scout for building a solution that engages all workers, but especially millennials, in collaboration and knowledge-sharing processes.

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