Terms of Use

Mentor Scout Participant Terms of Use

Your company has incorporated Mentor Scout as a valuable tool for employees to develop mentoring relationships. Mentor Scout is designed to allow personal input. Employees will utilize this system to promote their professional development and career goals, and will apply and abide by all current internet use policies as defined by your company.

In order to curtail any potential for inappropriate use of Mentor Scout, the following policy and agreement is required for participation.

Your company requires participants to maintain a courteous, polite dialogue in Mentor Scout. This system is provided to encourage the sharing of ideas, knowledge and suggestions among employees. As such, employees should be respectful and helpful in encouraging each others ideas, while offering only constructive criticism and suggestions.

The amount of time a employee spends during the work day on Mentor Scout should be limited to an appropriate length and only when it does not interfere with study/class time/production.

Your company prohibits the following actions while using Mentor Scout:
  • Posting false or misleading declarations of school/work or personal achievements
  • Disclosure of confidential and/or proprietary information
  • Solicitation of any outside business without specific permission granted from Administrator
  • Distributing employee contact information to any outside business
  • Intimidating any other employee, including threatening behavior, continual badgering or stalking
  • Any form of harassment
  • Profanity
  • Complaining about the company or any relevant policies, procedures or decisions
  • Sharing your profile ID or allowing access to any unauthorized person
Access to Mentor Scout is prohibited should you leave employment of your company, regardless of whether your access has been deleted.

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